Retreat at EagleRidge

  • Monday evening:

  1. ´╗┐Qian: Intracellular Neofunctionalization by New Genes:     Evidence from Type I MADS-Box Genes in Arabidopsis
  2. Benjamin: Moving towards an understanding of gene network evolution: mapping the targets of Zeus and Caf40
  3. Chengjun: The retro-chimeric gene play an important role in rice genome evolution
  • Tuesday morning

  1. Manyuan: A distorted image of the genomes in biology:  The challenges from the genome annotations to new gene studies
  2. Nick: How quickly do new genes become important?
  3. Li: De novo new genes in 10 Drosophila melanogaster individuals
  • Tuesday evening:

  1. Yuan: The phenotypic effect of young gene in Arabidopsis
  2. Yidan: Evolutionary processes of three genes which are in the same pathway
  3. Patrick: Mixed Signals: Evidence for Selection in New Gene Duplicates
  • Additional talks if time is available:

  1. Manyuan: Chess and Go:  The strategical and tactic problems of sciences